Hyperion 720i super duo 3 firmware

hyperion 720i super duo 3 firmware

hyperion 720i super duo 3 firmware

One of the best-selling and most iconic Battery charger of this century, by far is the Hyperion Super DUO3 Charger. Sporting Dual-Port output ports, each capable of providing 500W of raw charging power. The Super Duo 3 can counter up to 7 Cells LiPo and 20Amps max - per port. This DUO charger can provide all 500W per channel and (1000W total).. The EOS Duo3 features a robust metal body and a ...

The current Duo and Net chargers EOS 0615i DUO3, EOS0720 Super Duo3, EOS 0720i NET3, 0720i NET3-AD (AC/DC) and EOS 1420i. These chargers have a PC connection and the interface to allow full control by this software suite and the data functions. They have a built in USB interface and do not require an adapter to connect to a USB port, only a USB cable.

 · Learn how to use your Hyperion 720i Super Duo 3 charger! 0720i Super Duo Charger - http://www.maxamps.com/EOS0720i-DUO3-6151.htm 6500 11.1v LiPo Battery Pack...

Hyperion EOS 0720i / 0730i NET3 AD Control and Data Software Currently only supports the 720i NET3, NET2, NET3AD and 730i with firmware v5.86-5.94 This is freeware, but if you like it please donate on the home page.

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 · Hyperions latest 5.5 firmware is bluetooth enabled. Anyone have any ideas how to connect a serial bluetooth module to the Hyperion EOS0615i duo3+ and EOS720i super duo 3? Thanks Andrew. andyp Posts: 2 Joined: Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:14 am. Top. Re: Hyperion Bluetooth - EOS0615iduo3+ and 720i super duo 3. by Burgerman » Sat Jan 21, 2012 7:08 am . None of us here use duo …

RunRyder RC - Forum Topic - 🚁Helicopter › Hyperion EOS 720i Super Duo 3 Problem. RunRyder RC. rrTV-PHOTO GALLERIES MY GALLERY HELP-FAQ 🚁Helicopter Forum Topic. myHOME PM pmRR MEMBERS 248 ONLINE 5 EVENTS SEARCH REGISTER START HERE. 6 Topic Subscribe. WATCH. 1 page 3705 views: POST REPLY: Scorpion Power: RunRyder: Home › RC & Power › ️Aircraft › …

Hyperion EOS 720i Super DUO3. Anyone use this Charger ,I am First useer in Hong Kong. SHARE PM EMAIL Attn:RR Quote: 01-11-2011 05:08 PM 9 years ago 0 Post 2. cmir2425. rrApprentice. miami, fl usa. MyPosts All Forum Topic. pics please and where did you get it? SHARE PM EMAIL GALLERY Attn:RR Quote: 01-11-2011 05:52 PM 9 years ago 0 Post 3. MrMel. rrProfessor. Gotland. MyPosts All Forum …

 · Hyperion EOS 720i Super Duo 3 Charger w/Power Supply. Guys, I am selling my Hyperion EOS720i Super Duo 3 Charger complete with two charge cables, multiple balance boards, and ~38 Amp Power Supply with on/off switch and Anderson Power Pole Connector with adapter for 4mm Bullet Connectors that are on the charger. I am asking $175.00 shipped in CONUSA for the whole set …

 · This is the only software I know of that the newest version won't work with older firmware and equipment. I have 4 Hyperion chargers. EOS 720i Super Duo 3 fw 5.5 EOS 720i Super Duo 3 fw 5.9 Two 610i Net fw 2.4 I need different EOS Control & Data Suite versions for each firmware version and the suite won't let you install more than one on your computer at a time. I didn't want to up grade …

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